In addition to working on the core team for CFWheels, from time to time I occasionally release some code as open source. Below is a list of projects – feedback always welcome!


Gridmanager.js is my first major jQuery plugin. It allows ‘in page’ structural editing for sites built on Bootstrap – building rows, columns, reordering, resizing, and also allows you to hook in a couple of Rich Text editors. It takes advantage of HTML5’s editable regions to dynamically attach editable areas to any column, and is extensible with your own hooks & buttons. It’s also got LESS theming, and a tonne of options making it highly customisable.

cfWheels Shortcodes plugin

This plugin for cfWheels allows you to use WordPress style shortcodes – i.e [foo bar=1], or [foo]Bar![/foo].

Room Booking System

A backend to the excellent fullcalendar.js jQuery plugin, using cfWheels as to store data.