Note to Mango Blog Users: check your log table if you use plugins

Had a small shock the other day – whilst being all responsible and backing up all my MySQL databases, I noticed this blog’s backup taking a rather long time.

There really aren’t that many entries here, so the .sql dump should be a few hundred k, certainly no more than a few MB.

Imagine to my horror when I discovered that the total dump size was over 750MB!!

Turns out a plugin I’d tried a while back was failing, and Mango blog was logging the fail silently in the database. Annoyingly, I’d not deactivated the plugin, but as I’d not gotten any indication of it failing, it just kept on being logged, on *every* request.

The real problem is that the entire error struct is stored, so  imagine the raw HTML of  a cfdump error struct x 15000+ rows… it builds up over time!!