The Golden Compass at Oxford

Was amused to see these highly CGI’d versions of well known Christ Church Oxford landmarks in the trailer for the up coming Phillip Pullman Film of the book..

Tom Quad (Blimp + tower added)

Tom Quad (Blimp + tower added)

Meadows Building (Gates + extra trees added)

All Images obviously copyright New Line 2007 :)

Oh the Safari shame

Well, Apple’s PC release of Safari had the potential to be excellent, but oh dear.

I know, it’s just a Beta release, but the problem is that Apple software is regarded as being very stable from the offset; This Beta release feels out of touch from the rest of the shiny Mac philosophy.

The whole direction of Apple Inc (nee Apple Computers) has changed in the past 6 – 9 months – a drift towards consumer devices, iPhone etc, and away from the “we make computers” bit. We’ve seen promises of the new OS, which now will be late, and AppleTV was touted months in advance – a big change for Apple.

The Register (see seem equally miffed. I still have hope though, but it’s going to take a lot more than this to drag me away from Firefox.

ColdFusion 8 running PHP and Ruby?

Sean Corfield looks at running PHP code within Coldfusion8: very clever, as CF is built on Java, it can hook into all sorts of things. I don’t think you can quite wrap a whole application in this, but it could be very useful indeed…