Search Engines not respecting CFLOCATION?

I’ve been seeing some wierd behaviour from a local search engine on one of my sites; I say local, as it’s a Google Search Appliance designed to trawl the domain.

What I can’t understand is what it doesn’t seem to respect CFLOCATION’s default redirect.

BlogCFC uses CFLOCATION quite a lot, especially when URL variables don’t exist, which is where I’m seeing this the most:

Let’s say I have a page which has:

Which tells the browser to essentially go away unless equals “foo”.
Let’s say that I’ve got some code in the remainder of the page that relies on – it then throws an error which I get by email.

I’ve been seeing these errors, ONLY triggered by this GSA, which could only have happened had the page been resolved; I understand this is a 302 redirect, not a 301 redirect, but shouldn’t the GSA respect the browser command of redirect and stop rendering the page? This isn’t an error a human can throw!

Why only this one GSA? Could it be a configuration issue?

I’m going to try adding a cfheader to change it to a 301 redirect and see what happens…

Any ideas welcomed…