ColdFusion now free for Educators.. but…

ColdFusion 8 is now free for Educators.. but… you can’t use it on a production server. Oh well – good start though. It follows the Flex free for Educators program:

I’m still going through the conditions, but presumably this means I can use a development server in house with no 3 IP limitations – definitely a step forward.

It always felt painful as an a higher education department to think about having to buy twice the licenses just to power our in house dev server.

Adobe – go the whole hog! Release CF (and while you’re at it) the whole of Creative Suite free for educational use! You know you want to…go on go on go on etc.. I know, I’m dreaming.

Going insane installing Flexbuilder 3

I’ve spent *days* trying to figure this out – whilst installing Flexbuilder 3, I’d get continual errors on install, and when trying to run the .exe, I’d get:

java.lang.RuntimeException: No application id has been found


com.adobe.flexbuilder.standalone.product could not be found.

in the log.

But a solution has been found!
The problem was that I’m on a domain machine. When you install FB3, it’ll try and create folders in “My Documents” for configuration and preferences. My “My Documents” is a network share, mapped as part of being on the domain.

So it was trying to create folders where it either didn’t have permission, or just creating random duplicates in two places. Either way, the solution is to uninstall everything Flex related, log in to your machine as LOCAL administrator (i.e not on the domain) install FB3, log back out, and then it’ll be fine!

Not exactly user friendly :)