Wordle me up


Just popped my blog through Wordle. Who knew I said “just” that much?

Occasionally confused by Gmail

I had a bizarre problem the other day – well, these things are always bizarre when you don’t know the reason or solution – with Gmail.

Whenever I put 10am in an email, it would hyperlink it to http://10.am/ which brings up a slightly random website.

10.30 a.m. would be fine, as would 11pm, etc

Turns out, Gmail was doing it’s usual autolinking, like it’ll do to “example.com”: little did I know that “am” is actually a legitimate domain identifier, and it was reading my time as a domain name!

Introducing the Hinksey Studio

I’ve just launched a new website for a new business venture of mine – producing limited edition prints…

Do have a look and let me know what you think!!


It’s been really quite exciting to start this up – guess I’m officially grown up now :)

And of course, it’s all ColdFusion driven. But of course.

Sugarbutties released

Sugarbutties – a pottery painting studio in the Chester/North East Wales – now up!
See http://www.sugarbutties.co.uk

New design

Well I’ve finally got round to it – this site now has a shiny new design!
It’s much more focused on what I’m actually spending my time doing these days – web work, specifically ColdFusion related coding.

I managed to finally move to CF8 in the process, and whilst I’m still ironing out some kinks, everything seems to work so far. The biggest problem I had with the move was a change in MySQL versions, with some date fields spitting out binary data instead of timestamps, but thankfully it had a quick solution – a small driver related issue.

I’m definitely going to try and get some more code excerpts up on here – I’ve been a bit slack in the number of posts!
More to come…

Tolhurst Organic Produce now live

If you’ve not seen the amazing work done Iain Tolhurst & co. down in Reading, now is the time to check them out:


I’m still trying to work out how they do it – farming with no pesticides & no animal manure (hence their “stockfree organic” status) with everything seemingly in balance.

On top of it all, he’s just about finished building a boat – the Pinky Ketch – hand built from locally sourced wood which has blown down in storms. see here

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!
Early 2008 should bring about a complete rehash of this site (possibly without the blogging, we shall see…) – stay tuned!

Jakoti Hand Shears now available

Jakoti Hand Shears are now available in the UK! If you’ve not tried these, they are superb; one handed and extremely sharp, they seem to cut through anything. We clear our allotment with ours :)

Get yourself a pair!

Hand Shears
Hand Shears
Hand Shears