Slo Motion Experiments

This is my first experiment using the 120 fps mode on a Sony HDR HC7E:

The clever part is the camera buffers three seconds of footage at all times, therefore you can press the record button ‘after’ something has happened, and you’ll get the high frames per second capture.

New Disc: The Brabant Ensemble – Manchicourt

The Brabant Ensemble have released its third CD, featuring works by Pierre de Manchicourt (c.1510-1564).

The CD has already attracted the following review:

From the ecstatic opening bars of the Regina caeli, which begins the recital, to the more austere grandeur of Manchicourt’s only setting of the Magnificat, with which it closes, there is not a less than thrilling moment on the whole disc. Non-experts will scarcely be aware of the hyper-refined contrapuntal techniques, daring use of dissonance and cross-relations, interspersed with passages of telling homophony; they will simply be swept along by the sheer aural brilliance of Manchicourt’s polyphony.

With only two previous recordings to its name, The Brabant Ensemble has already established itself as perhaps England’s most accomplished interpreter of Renaissance sacred music. Its intelligent phrasing, purity of vocal production and well-judged use of pause and inflexion are simply astonishing. Its vivid presentation of Manchicourt s shimmering, flamboyant polyphony is as moving as it is intellectually stimulating. (International Record Review, April 2007)

See The Brabant Ensemble Site

New Christ Church Choir Video

This is my first experiment using a Sony HDR-HC7E High Definition Camcorder, with footage edited in Sony Vegas 7.

Obviously, shooting HD and then compressing to “youtube” quality is a bit of a pointless exercise, but it does look fantastic in native HD (and at 500MB it’s a mere 100 times the size).

Here’s the youtube version:

The footage is literally the first two minutes from a rehearsal for the Bach St John Passion – I’m singing in it, so all the panning across from left to right is done digitally.

Microsoft Photosynth

This has to be the most impressive thing I’ve seen from Redmond for several years: A tech preview of “Photosynth“. Essentially it’s a 3-d emulation of 2-D photographs, intelligently matched so you can zoom around the environment. Oh and it runs in a browser…(but make sure you’ve got a good machine..) Try it!