OxAlto Roombooking System 1.2 Released!

Firstly, there’s now some pretty comprehensive documentation at http://roombooking.readme.io/ – This was a bit of blood, sweat and tears, but the system at readme.io makes this relatively painless, and it’s free for open source projects – hurrah!

This is a pretty big release this one – LOTS of new features and tweaks. Don’t forget to read the Upgrade notes for this one…

Here’s the feature list, but the highlights probably are simple concurrency warnings when booking, event moderation, custom fields and templating from within the application, support for running in a subdirectory and a better list view.

Download 1.2 now


  • New and comprehensive documentation
  • Creating a new booking now does a simple concurrency check
  • Bookings can now have basic event moderation
  • Moderator permissions can be assigned by role
  • Booking can exist in three states – approved, pending & denied
  • Locations can now have custom layouts
  • Locations can now belong to ‘buildings’
  • Locations now have a basic information page
  • Calendar view shows pending/denied events with different colours/opacity
  • Calendar view location filter now supports buildings and hover filter states
  • Events & Locations can now have Custom Fields added (and stored in the database)
  • Events & Locations can now use Custom Templating for both input + output
  • Added New Custom Template drag and drop creator (from gridmanger.js) for building forms and outputs
  • Installer simplified
  • URL rewriting now off by default to help support sub directory installations more seamlessly
  • Can now run in a subdirectory
  • Roles are now dynamic
  • List View now supports date ranges, multiple locations and filtering by status.
  • Notification emails updated to support mobile/responsive clients
  • Not deleting the /install/ folder now shows a nag message rather than throwing a full error
  • Footer now displays current code + database schema version
  • [Removed] Day view is now deprecated in its current form


  • Upgraded to fullcalendar.js 2.3.2
  • Improved datepickers again
  • More JS moved to external js file rather than being embedded in page


  • Moved to cfwheels 1.4.1.



  • Added: customfields,customfieldjoins,customfieldvalues,templates
  • Events – added status column
  • locations – added building /layouts columns


  • Added: approveBooking,bccAllEmailTo,bccAllEmail
  • Changed: – siteEmailAddress changed category to Email, version number updated.


  • Added: accessCustomFields,allowApproveBooking,bypassApproveBooking