Latest version of Flash on Mac breaks RTMP streams

We use RTMP streaming from Wowza server here at the Internet Institute and The Oxford Martin School. Currently, the latest version of flash (the one with hardware accelaration) on Mac seems to be causing headaches for some users, specifically, on 10.6.3 upwards, .h264 encoded streams over RTMP appear to fail.

You’ll get JWPlayer/FlowPlayer loading properly, followed by a blank screen.

Chrome has its own version of Flash, which appears unaffected, but for Firefox/Safari, you may wish to try the following: (I appreciate this is a quick fix, and not a solution!)

  • Right click (control click) on the main player window, and select ‘settings’
  • Ensure the ‘display’ tab is selected (bottom left of the dialog window)
  • Untick ‘Enable Hardware Acceleration’ and click close.
  • Reload the page

If anyone has an actual fix for this, do let me know…!