Tom King – Oxford based Web Development Consultant

I enjoy all things technical and creative.

As a web developer with over 15 years experience mainly in the Higher Education sector, I’ve built and maintained hundreds of sites, ranging from simple WordPress, Drupal & CraftCMS installations, to bespoke applications (usually written in CFML, my language of choice) as well as VueJS Apps. The web increasingly solves real world problems for businesses and individuals – I enjoy finding these solutions in the most elegant manner possible.

I find many skills go hand-in-hand when developing websites; I’m just as happy editing & producing video, audio and images as I am creating code. I’ve found that this is particularly useful to small businesses who might otherwise need to hire multiple people at greater expense to add finishing touches to their web presence. I’ll often end up providing full branding solutions, stationery, brochures and general print design too.

You’ll usually find me buried in one of the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

    For all things graphical; Logo creation, typesetting, web mockups and much more

  • Adobe Premiere

    For video editing, Premiere is a great package, and has the benefits of being cross platform for Mac & Windows.

  • Sublime Text

    At the heart of every developers toolset lives a text editor. This is one of the best.

  • Logic Pro

    For all things Audio. I do location recording, audio editing & restoration too.

  • CFML

    ColdFusion isn’t just Adobe’s closed source offering anymore. With the introduction of Lucee, CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) enables rapid creation and deployment of bespoke applications

  • CraftCMS & WordPress

    The right tool for the right job – I can help you decide, setup and design your own WordPress installation, or for more complex sites, deploy CraftCMS

  • Git & Source Control

    You’ve got to love GIT and GitHUB: a winning combination which makes deploying to multiple sites (live, staging, development) a breeze

Don’t forget your frameworks..

I’m also one for not reinventing the wheel; I use the following frameworks to make sure everything is efficient and structured as possible.

  • cfWheels

    A fantastic CFML based port of Ruby-on-Rails. MVC architecture for the win.

  • VueJS

    For all things fading/moving/sparkling and ajax-y.

  • Bootstrap

    A great CSS framework, with ‘SASS’