HolyWellFund.org released

For those of you in the music world, chances are most of you have heard about the Holywell Music room in Oxford. It is the oldest purpose built concert hall in England.

As with all decent concert venues, they need a bit of love and care every now and then – enter the Holywell Music Room Rennovation Appeal –


Go visit and see what they’re trying to achieve!

Intelligent Sustainable Energy

Intelligent Sustainable Energy now released: see the Drupal 6.x website here:

ISE is the creator of revolutionary technologies to help people reduce and manage their energy consumption. Faced with rising energy bills and increasing environmental pressures, consumers are keener than ever to reduce the amount of energy that they consume. However, whilst we can all follow simple rules such as turning off lights and not leaving the TV on standby, the reality is that most people do not have a clear understanding of how they use energy. ISE’s technology changes this giving you fully itemised energy bills just like the itemised phone bill that you get from your phone company.