I’ve just come back from ‘Scotch on the Rocks’ 2010, held in London. This has been quite a step up from last year!

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Ben Nadel (@bennadel), Ray Camden (@cfjedimaster), Terry Ryan, Gert Franz and Aral Balkan (@aral). All great presentations, with Aral’s sheer passion for design (or should I say, ‘experience’)  coming through in particular.

Ben talked on CF’s Application framework, talking about session manipulation is a way I’d really just never thought of before – by opening the subject up, he definitely made it more accessible, and has some great code examples I must get my hands on.

Ray was on CFBuilder duty, and whilst it is something I *really* should get around to trying, the amount of times he said ‘oh and this doesn’t work, but don’t worry I’ve filed a bug’ did leave me slightly worried :) I enjoyed his Ajax Q&A session too – as something which doesn’t always come into my projects, it was interesting to hear that my thoughts on Ajax generally are pretty well reflected from those that spoke. 

Railo 4 is looking to be stellar; there’s a billion things they’re planning which are a bit beyond me (particularly the whole Java integration and command line stuff) but it’s very encouraging to see Railo doing so well; I’ve been using Railo alongside CF8 for a year now, and it really is a fantastic open source project.

Apart from the 6am ‘get up grab train and run’ (and having to leave early) it’s been a great couple of days. Nice to meet so many of the other CF Twitter(er)s too; not to mention seeing people whose blogs I’ve been reading for 5 years for the first time! Congrats to the whole SOTR team, and all the speakers.

CFWheels Wallpaper

Ok, so I had 5 minutes to myself; inspired by the Model Glue Wallpapers I saw the other day ( I thought I’d brush up on my Photoshop skills, and do some CFWheels based ones.

Enjoy the below! All are 1920×1200.