A slighty new implementation of podcasting/mp3 delivery here. Signing up is quite easy and free, and once you’re in, you select the MP3s you’re interested in, and then add them to your “Mediabox”.

This gives you a list of tunes which can then be downloaded quite simply via iTunes, like a podcast, or downloaded direct.

Worth a look if only for some original live classical material, which is of a pretty high standard.

The only downside is the adverts which are put in a little too often. No different to radio then….

Link here

Cinquecento has been relaunched. This site for “Cinquecento”, an austrian early music group is now bi-lingual. Some sections still under construction, so check regularly! Cinquecento are about to launch their first major release on Hyperion.

Firefox 2 released

If you haven’t done so already, download Firefox 2.0!
It’s the only way to escape the Micr0s0ft madness..

IE7 woes

So I’ve installed IE7, against my better judgement. No doubt I’ll continue finding these little gems, but this one I imagine might hit a few people:

Checking Hotmail via Outlook breaks when IE 7 installed:

seriously, just keeps asking for your password.

Found this *fix* though:


Warning, requires WGA tool to be installed if you’ve not gone there yet…


RIA Forge released: This is a new venture from the likes of Ben Forta , Ray Camden et al: an open source repository with SVN etc for code made and for Adobe products.

James Martin on the 21st Century

A quick four minute webcast from the Oxford Internet Institute. “James Martin on the 21st Century.”

IE7 Is Coming This Month…Are you Ready?

IE7 Blog announcement

Is anyone ready? Luckily I’m not one to incorporate complicated DOM models etc in my sites generally speaking – but what’s the bet that a LOT of websites are going to be breaking? And the worst thing is, automatic updating to WGA PCs: picture the scene – elderly relatives have their windows PC automatically updated to IE7 – different button locations, tabbing, sites breaking, locally installed apps going haywire, inproper CSS support.. I’ve yet to meet a web developer who is looking forward to the inevitable onslaught of support calls..

Google buys YouTube

Via the BBC

Well, it seems if you can’t beat em – buy em instead.
It does make it look like Google readily admits that its video service wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Oxford Lieder Festival

The Oxford Lieder Festival has now been running about four years. This years line up includes Dame Felicity Lott / Maciej Pikulski, James Gilchrist / Julius Drake and many others. Worth looking out for!

See all forthcoming events

Electronic teenager repellant and scraping fingernails, the sounds of Ig Nobel success

(Via the Guardian),,1888844,00.html

Genius solutions to the worlds most annoying problems..