Oxford Lieder redesigned and re-released

Can you tell I’ve been busy?

oxfordlieder.co.uk now has lots of new little things on it, but mainly the work has been moving everything to a “proper” database, and making everything a little more pretty.

This year’s festival line up looks good too!

munkeymusic.co.uk redesigned

Munkey’s new website is now up! There will be some gig videos posted soon, but I just had to get the new look up – marshall-amp-tastic!



Ray Camden has released coldfusionbloggers.org – an RSS aggregator of Coldfusion related feeds; this one was built to showcase CF8, and the built in RSS functions and Ajax functions.
See it here:

A Tale of Two Portraits: From Crayon to Computer

A particularly surreal webcast from the OII:
A Tale of Two Portraits: From Crayon to Computer

Artist Jeremy Sutton, known for his lively and colourful portraits that capture the essence of his subjects, creates two portraits of Ted Nelson in a live portrait drawing session using first traditional media (crayon / pastel / gouache) and then painting with digital media (Macintosh computer / Corel Painter / Wacom tablet).

See it here!

I enjoyed Ted’s singing half way through..

Setting up a MySQL database with Unicode properly in Coldfusion 7

I’ve had to battle with this recently, but this technique seems to work for me. Here we go…

Firstly, Coldfusion 7 needs an extra driver (this is fixed in CF8) for MySQL 4/5 -(3 is ok though)

To connect to a MySQL 4.1 or 5 database from ColdFusion MX:

  • Download a current, stable version of the MySQL Connector J JDBC driver, available at: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/
    Note: Connector/J version 3.1.11 and higher cannot be used with ColdFusion MX 7 because of MySQL bug 13469. Connector/J 3.1.10 should be used instead for ColdFusion MX 7 until this MySQL bug is fixed. All Connector/J version 3.0 releases and all version 3.2 releases work with ColdFusion MX 7.
  • Extract the mysql-connector-java-3.{n}-bin.jar file from the downloaded archive file.
  • Save the mysql-connector-java-3.{n}-bin.jar file in thecf_root/WEB-INF/lib directory.
  • Restart the ColdFusion MX server.
  • Add a new data source to the ColdFusion MX Administrator, using the driver option Other
  • Enter the JDBC URL:

  • jdbc:mysql://[host]:[port]/[database]?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF8

    i.e for a local installation


    NOTE – this is case sensitive!

  • Next, enter the driver class

  • com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

  • Complete username/password, and adjust other data source settings, if needed.
  • Submit the data source for verification.
  • Remember, you’ll have to set up the user’s access rights via Navicat or some other program!