More CFWheels Screencasts

Been on a bit more a mission with the screencasts recently. Lots on CFWheels 2.x Create a basic JSON API in CFWheels 2.x Routing in CFWheels 2.x – Part 1 Routing in CFWheels 2.x – Part 2 Introduction to Unit Testing in CFWheels 2.x Unit Testing Controllers in CFWheels 2.x

Basic CRUD interface in CFWheels 2.x

Create a basic CRUD interface in CFWheels 2.x using the CLI and scaffolding command

CFWheels 2.0.0-Beta 1 released

It’s been about a year in the making, and well over 1000 commits, but the beta for 2.0 has now arrived! We’re still catching up on the main documentation as there’s so much to cover in this release, so bear with us a bit! In the meantime, please do check it out: Direct Download: Download zip Commandbox […]

CFWheels updates

Shockingly, I’ve not been blogging much. There are however some new posts I’ve done on the CFWheels Blog in prep for CFWheels 2.x; More to come too..

Speaking at cfCamp

Pleased to say I’ll be speaking on CFWheels 2.x and the new CLI at CFCamp, 20-21 October 2016. Would be great to catch up with people – do come and say hello (and indeed, come to my session!) Session Details: CFWheels 2.x and the new CLI CFWheels is an open source CFML framework inspired by Ruby […]

Using Oracle 12c in Lucee – ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol

Disclaimer: I don’t use Oracle, ever, and this was just to get a local testing environment setup. I’d installed Oracle 12c, and when trying to add a datasource in the Lucee admin, kept on getting “ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol”. According to StackOverflow there’s a bug, where’s the simple fix is to add the line: SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION=8 […]

CFWheels CLI for Commandbox (Alpha Test)

Ok.. so this is what I’m working on at the moment. Work in progress! It’s the beginning of a port of the Rails CLI, but for CFWheels using Commandbox.

Adding Markdown to CFWheels

I needed to do this the other day, so thought I might as well document quite how easy it is! The following was done on Lucee, so if you use ACF your mileage may vary. This uses MarkdownJ, a Java port of Markdown written by Pete Bevin. Download markdownj.jar (I’ve included a copy here, as […]

Testing for cfheader in cfwheels

In the process of trying to write a plugin for cfwheels, I can across the issue of trying to test to see if “cfheader” had been set. So, if you had: How do you test for this in rocketunit? Specifically, I had a function, setCustomHeader() which literally calls wheels’s internal $header() function (which in turn […]

cfWheels: hasChanged() and changedFrom()

One of the more overlooked nice features of cfWheels is the ability to determine whether an object’s properties have changed before you save them. With that information, we can then easily set other model properties dependent on the change. Why would we do this? Let’s take an example of a ticketing system where each ticket would have […]

OxAlto Roombooking System 1.2 Released!

Firstly, there’s now some pretty comprehensive documentation at – This was a bit of blood, sweat and tears, but the system at makes this relatively painless, and it’s free for open source projects – hurrah! This is a pretty big release this one – LOTS of new features and tweaks. Don’t forget to read […]

cfWheels 1.4 released

cfWheels 1.4 has been released, now with Lucee Server support. Read the release notes or download now!

cfWheels Plugin Survey

Use cfWheels? Help us get an idea of what plugins you guys use, and which you think might qualify for some core team support! The survey will only take a minute – please do fill it in if you use any plugins in cfWheels..

The joy of LESS

I’ve been using LESS quite a lot of the last few years, especially combined with Bootstrap. Writing bog standard CSS feels quite long winded and painful now. Today I was reminded quite how much I like it when doing some categorisation for a site. You know the problem, lots of very similar lines of CSS […]