v1.1 RoomBooking system released

This is a rather large update, bringing with it some nice new features such as resource booking, some basic digital signage facilities, and an almost complete rewrite under the hood.

Demo | Github

What’s new in 1.1?


– New static ‘Day’ view (in additional to all the fullcalendar.js views)
– New display board view (for digital signage)
– New Resource management feature: add resources (i.e, laptops) to be bookable alongside an event (#23)
– Support for ‘unique’ resource booking: i.e, will check certain devices for concurrent use
– Support for limiting a resource to a specific location
– Resources can be grouped i.e, Computers,Audio Visual,Furniture
– Clone event functionality
– Calendar “MaxTime” added
– All Day events now set time to 0 – 23:59 to help with alt displays

– Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.1
– Upgraded to fullcalendar.js 2.x
– Improved datepickers/colourpickers
– All JS/CSS now generated via grunt
– Frontend package managment now from bower
– Added bootstrap form validation
– jQueryUI no longer required
– [removed]: Bootstrap Theme Support
– [removed]: Bootstrap CDN support

– Moved from cfwheels 1.2 -> 1.3.2
– Large underlying codebase rewrite.
– All controllers, models and most helper functions now in cfscript rather than tags: note this may cause issues if you’re on CF9.
– Support for servers with prefix json
– Various options removed/changed to support moment.js
– Improved form validation
– Most JS moved to a single JS file generated via grunt
– Extraneous folders/files removed (i.e /files/)