BluePrint CSS wrapper for BlogCFC

Quick BlueprintCSS wrapper for BlogCFC v0.1

This is a set of starter stylesheets using the BluePrintCSS framework (see for full usage) for BlogCFC. As always, I take no responsibility whatsoever for anything you might do with this.

Essentially all I’ve done is add the BluePrintCSS as the main starting point, and added a few classes to the layout customtag so it works under Blueprints CSS concept. Also added a few custom classes in bp_custom.css to make it a bit prettier. Add your changes to bp_custom.css – as it’s the last one to be called, it’ll override anything set in the defaults.

Tested briefly on BlogCFC

NB: This is meant as a starting point – I’ve not spent ages with elements like the pods etc. Hopefully it’ll save someone somewhere some time – the reason I’ve bothered putting it in a zip is that I have to integrate blogCFC into most of my sites (which happen to always use BluePrint);

Install instructions:

  1. Backup/Move/Rename the file at /yourblog/tags/layout.cfm
  2. Download the zip and decompress
  3. Copy layout.cfm into /yourblog/tags/
  4. Copy the four stylesheets into /yourblog/includes/
  5. Restart the blogCFC cache using /?reinit=1