RSS2 & iCal for RoomBooking System

Since Jan 2014, RSS2 and iCal have been added – these are a bit experimental – would appreciate feedback!

Each user can have a unique key generated for them by an administrator (it’s not there by default);
Once an API key is available for that user, and their role allows it, they should be able to access /api/ which will display a list of available feeds.

Feeds are ‘All’ (i.e all locations) and then split down by location, so you could have RSS for a specific location if you wanted.

Note that after creating an API key for that user, the user will need to login/out again to be able to use it, but should then see “Data Feeds” as a menu option on the Events drop down. Once they’ve got the URL with the token, that will then bypass the authentication, so you can get read access to the upcoming events.