James Martin on the 21st Century

A quick four minute webcast from the Oxford Internet Institute. “James Martin on the 21st Century.”

IE7 Is Coming This Month…Are you Ready?

IE7 Blog announcement

Is anyone ready? Luckily I’m not one to incorporate complicated DOM models etc in my sites generally speaking – but what’s the bet that a LOT of websites are going to be breaking? And the worst thing is, automatic updating to WGA PCs: picture the scene – elderly relatives have their windows PC automatically updated to IE7 – different button locations, tabbing, sites breaking, locally installed apps going haywire, inproper CSS support.. I’ve yet to meet a web developer who is looking forward to the inevitable onslaught of support calls..

Google buys YouTube

Via the BBC

Well, it seems if you can’t beat em – buy em instead.
It does make it look like Google readily admits that its video service wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Live Messenger Install woes

I mean, really – how’s this meant to work?

Google Vs ?

Interesting talk coming up at the Oxford Internet Institute for all fans/enemies of Google:

Google vs. ?: Challenges to Freedom of Information on a Global Network.

Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s worldwide policy counsel

Andrew McLaughlin is Head of Global Public Policy for Google Inc. Central policy issues for Google include privacy and data protection, censorship and content regulation, intellectual property (including copyright, patent, and trademark), communications and media policy, antitrust/competition, and the regulation of Internet networks and technologies. The leading countries for Google’s government affairs activities include the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, the UK, Israel, Egypt, and Ireland. Andrew co-leads Google’s Africa Strategy Group.