Oxford Lieder redesigned and re-released

Can you tell I’ve been busy?

oxfordlieder.co.uk now has lots of new little things on it, but mainly the work has been moving everything to a “proper” database, and making everything a little more pretty.

This year’s festival line up looks good too!

A Tale of Two Portraits: From Crayon to Computer

A particularly surreal webcast from the OII:
A Tale of Two Portraits: From Crayon to Computer

Artist Jeremy Sutton, known for his lively and colourful portraits that capture the essence of his subjects, creates two portraits of Ted Nelson in a live portrait drawing session using first traditional media (crayon / pastel / gouache) and then painting with digital media (Macintosh computer / Corel Painter / Wacom tablet).

See it here!

I enjoyed Ted’s singing half way through..

Oh the Safari shame

Well, Apple’s PC release of Safari had the potential to be excellent, but oh dear.

I know, it’s just a Beta release, but the problem is that Apple software is regarded as being very stable from the offset; This Beta release feels out of touch from the rest of the shiny Mac philosophy.

The whole direction of Apple Inc (nee Apple Computers) has changed in the past 6 – 9 months – a drift towards consumer devices, iPhone etc, and away from the “we make computers” bit. We’ve seen promises of the new OS, which now will be late, and AppleTV was touted months in advance – a big change for Apple.

The Register (see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/06/13/safari_cant_see_bold/) seem equally miffed. I still have hope though, but it’s going to take a lot more than this to drag me away from Firefox.

What do to with millions of blog subscribers? Sink a large company?

“With great power comes great responsibility”

It was noted today in TechCrunch that a posting by Engadget (normally one of the Top 5 “Technorati” rated blogs) knocked a staggering $4 billion dollars of the Apple inc share price by posting news of a delay to the iPhone and Leopard OS: the news source was supposedly the Mac Mail servers, but confirmed quickly as a fake.

The share price has now returned to normal, but I’m left dumbstruck by the power of the internet blog once again: Engadget is generally seen as an authoritive source of techno information and gossip – one slip like this, and it can have devastating effects.

Microsoft Photosynth

This has to be the most impressive thing I’ve seen from Redmond for several years: A tech preview of “Photosynth“. Essentially it’s a 3-d emulation of 2-D photographs, intelligently matched so you can zoom around the environment. Oh and it runs in a browser…(but make sure you’ve got a good machine..) Try it!

Sorting Tables using Ajax

This is by far the best solution I’ve come across:


You don’t have to hard code anything, merely include the appropriate JS file, add a unique ID to the table, and give it a class of “sortable”.


Firefox Useage up by 50%

According to Computer World [Link], there’s been around a 50% increase in useage for Firefox since the release of 2.0 – this is excellent news, as Firefox still outdoes IE7 without even trying. There are so many reasons why I recommend Firefox over IE that they’re too numerous to list here. Just try it if you haven’t already.. www.mozilla.com

Firefox 2 released

If you haven’t done so already, download Firefox 2.0!
It’s the only way to escape the Micr0s0ft madness..

IE7 woes

So I’ve installed IE7, against my better judgement. No doubt I’ll continue finding these little gems, but this one I imagine might hit a few people:

Checking Hotmail via Outlook breaks when IE 7 installed:

seriously, just keeps asking for your password.

Found this *fix* though:


Warning, requires WGA tool to be installed if you’ve not gone there yet…