Google buys YouTube

Via the BBC Well, it seems if you can’t beat em – buy em instead. It does make it look like Google readily admits that its video service wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Oxford Lieder Festival

The Oxford Lieder Festival has now been running about four years. This years line up includes Dame Felicity Lott / Maciej Pikulski, James Gilchrist / Julius Drake and many others. Worth looking out for! See all forthcoming events

Electronic teenager repellant and scraping fingernails, the sounds of Ig Nobel success

(Via the Guardian),,1888844,00.html Genius solutions to the worlds most annoying problems..

Live Messenger Install woes

I mean, really – how’s this meant to work?

Maps of the Internet

I’ve found a few of these recently; for IPv6 topology see: Visualizing IPv6 AS-level Internet Topology and for others, see: Internet Mapping Project

Google Vs ?

Interesting talk coming up at the Oxford Internet Institute for all fans/enemies of Google: Google vs. ?: Challenges to Freedom of Information on a Global Network. Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s worldwide policy counsel Andrew McLaughlin is Head of Global Public Policy for Google Inc. Central policy issues for Google include privacy and data protection, censorship and […]

Ray Camdens BlogCFC

This blog is running on Ray’s BlogCFC, a very useful blogging app for Coldfusion. Seems appropriate a first post should at least mention the good work that man is doing.. See Ray’s Blog No idea what I’m actually going to post here yet, but seeing as everyone else is doing it, I may as well […]