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Gridmanager.js 0.3.1 released

Another huge set of changes, mainly the introduction of stackable & sortable editable regions, and  full LESS themeing support. Give it a go here: http://neokoenig.github.io/jQuery-gridmanager/demo/ Changelog: New style of editable regions which are stackable/editable/deletable Added: default editable region button Added: Theming using LESS Default, light & dark themes now available Large visual cleanup Fixed: remoteURL now […]

Gridmanager.js 0.3.0 released

A pretty big set of changes in this one. A massive thanks to Percy Brea for his input in moving Gridmanager.js forward, and thanks to all those who have got in touch with bug fixes and ideas! What’s new? Nested row & column support & new add nested row button Added ability to add custom controls […]

Installing Jekyll on OSX Mavericks

Came across a bizarre error which I thought I’d share the fix for in case anyone else comes across it: whilst trying to do a bundle install as per the gitHub pages guide, I hit this when trying to do: tom$ bundle install An error occurred while installing nokogiri (, and Bundler cannot continue. Make sure […]

Quick report from SOTR2014

A quick report from SOTR2014: A massive thanks to Fuzzy Orange for putting on a fantastic conference; the food, organisation, timings, coffee etc were perfect. Special hats off to Andy Allan for taking quite so much general abuse over the last two days. Some great talks from Matt Gifford (on Grunt & Gulp), Kitt Hodsdsen (automation […]

Introducing gridmanager.js

A way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions; requires jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3.x, TinyMCE.  So over the weekend I was becoming annoyed with the lack of layout tools which you could use with a Rich Text Editor. Specifically, users would get bewildered by divs everywhere with Bootstrap. Let’s face it, if […]

Blank HTML emails at outlook.com

Just came across this odd behaviour  – using sendEmail() on a cfWheels app to send registration emails to a hotmail or outlook.com address results in a blank page. The email and it’s source get through fine, including plaintext variants, but just don’t display. The culprit? any tags (i.e, <foo>) within a CSS comment. How absurd […]