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OxAlto Roombooking System 1.2 Released!

Firstly, there’s now some pretty comprehensive documentation at http://roombooking.readme.io/ – This was a bit of blood, sweat and tears, but the system at readme.io makes this relatively painless, and it’s free for open source projects – hurrah! This is a pretty big release this one – LOTS of new features and tweaks. Don’t forget to read […]

cfWheels Plugin Survey

Use cfWheels? Help us get an idea of what plugins you guys use, and which you think might qualify for some core team support! The survey will only take a minute – please do fill it in if you use any plugins in cfWheels.. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9P7PJCV

The joy of LESS

I’ve been using LESS quite a lot of the last few years, especially combined with Bootstrap. Writing bog standard CSS feels quite long winded and painful now. Today I was reminded quite how much I like it when doing some categorisation for a site. You know the problem, lots of very similar lines of CSS […]

Setting up HTTPS on Elastic Beanstalk

Edit: AWS now have a certificate service which may be more useful to you, depending on your setup. The fundamental difference in setting up https on Elastic Beanstalk is that your certificate is installed on the load balancer/environment itself, *not* the individual instances. This actually makes life a lot easier: you don’t need to worry […]

Railo on Elastic Beanstalk, finally.

Also known as “A Crawl through Amazon Web Services.” So over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting properly with Elastic Beanstalk as a home for an app which needs some serious resiliency; it’s not a high network/throughput app, but each request is critical. It can’t afford to have 5xx server errors etc. and network […]

v1.1 RoomBooking system released

This is a rather large update, bringing with it some nice new features such as resource booking, some basic digital signage facilities, and an almost complete rewrite under the hood. Demo | Github What’s new in 1.1? Features: – New static ‘Day’ view (in additional to all the fullcalendar.js views) – New display board view (for […]

cf10/ MAMP & OSX Yosemite

Just a reminder, installing OSX Yosemite will nuke your java install. Re-download from here. You’ll probably need to restart coldfusion from terminal when in /Applications/coldfusion10/cfusion/bin using ./coldfusion start Also, if you’re running it through MAMP, then you’ll need to do this silly workaround if apache doesn’t start: rename “envars” to “_envars” in /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin. Then restart […]

cfWheels shortcode plugin

This is a port of Barney’s shortcodes implementation for CFML (itself a port of the wordpress shortcodes concept). He wrote all the tricky stuff, I’ve just refactored into cfscript, stripped out all the CFC aspects and made into a cfWheels plugin. Note, I haven’t bothered with the full cfc implementation with execute, as we’re doing […]