Mura CMS vulnerability – might apply to your cfWheels app

Just a head’s up:
This recent Mura CMS issue is something which could possibly apply to a wheels app:

I’m not referring to the file manager upload bit (although that could possibly apply), but the role escalation. That is, rewriting POST variables and resubmitting in order to gain admin privs.

Ask yourself, “do I have a public user account creation form” – if not, and user creation is always by an admin level user to start with (and that the user controller is sufficiently locked down), you’re probably fine.

But if you have a user creation form which is publicly accessible,  have you used cfWheels protected properties for the ‘role’ field, or something like ‘isAdmin’ field?

Have a think how but submitting a custom POST request, but simply changing role=”admin” could affect your application. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past! One quick solution if you don’t want to go down the protected properties route is to separate out your role functions into a separate view/function, which can then do specific checks, and in the user account creation, overwrite any role value passed in with a sensible default.

There’s more on this here –!searchin/cfwheels/mass$20assignment/cfwheels/bOQo9-CHJlA/xtAVjcvzNMgJ 

This isn’t an issue with wheels per se, just a very common coding practice which can potentially leave a hole open to attack!