New site for drummers

I managed to scrape some time together recently, so I’ve created a drum video site.

Basically, I was bored of trawling through youTube looking for videos I knew to exist, I just wanted them in one place.

I built this in a couple of hours (and spent a few more populating it) using Drupal 6.

It’s basically a youTube directory – nothing’s actually hosted there, just pointing to decent videos. i’ve indexed them by artist, and also cross referenced solos/vs duets, whether they’re playing with a band etc..

It’s not (you can’t upload vids) and not drummerworld (I’m not actually creating any content), just an edited directory. A couple of others and I will be adding to it
gradually as time goes on..

It’s done purely for my own joy. If you like it, or have any suggestions, do let me know.