Replacing Double Quotes with REReplace()

Faced two problems whilst looping over some database entries today (with data coming from many RSS feeds, so essentially data which could contain anything).. which I can imagine other people stumbling into on occasion.

Problem One: XHMTL Which doesn’t validate due &’s in a non web format

Problem Two: Title attributes in href tags closing too early due to double quotes in the string


<a href=“#Link#” title=“Go to: #title#”>#title#</a>


Link =


title = John Doe on “Why Should I”

Then you’d end up with the following:

<a href=““ title=“John Doe on “Why Should I“”>John Doe on “Why Should I”</a>

This has two issues: the


should be written


and the browser sees the title attribute as

“John Doe on”

and then has no idea with the rest, which it assumes is your attempt as an invalid attribute in XHTML.

How to fix: Use HTMLEDITFORMAT() to escape the &’s automatically, and RegularExpression Replace – REREPLACE() – to replace the double quotes in the string with single ones.

<a href=“#htmlEditFormat(Link)#” title=“Go to: #REReplace(title,”[""]“,”‘“,”ALL“)#”>#Title#</a>